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Self Levelling System For Motorhomes

RP Motorhomes Ltd are proud to be the UK Northern installer of TESA Autolift, the electric mechanical self levelling system for motorhomes with significant thrust force and great lifting height but with an extremely low weight.

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Fully fitted system includes:-

4x actuator with active thrust force of 2000 kg and a static strength of 5000 kg. The Autolift system average absorption is about 12A. Vertically measures from 300 mm to 420 mm.

Control unit box with integrated self levelling system supplied entirely pre-wired and protected against weather and road conditions.

Control panel and remote control for outside use.

4x Jack pads and positioning rod

3 years manufacturers warranty

£3995.00 inc. VAT

AutoLift is driven by an electric control unit for the self-levelling of the vehicle; the actuators can also be controlled manually.

The control unit has safety devices to prevent accidental descent of the actuators when the vehicle is in motion, and the vehicle setting off with the devices deployed. In the rest position the actuators are horizontal under the motorhome chassis, reducing the the overall dimensions of the units. The special design of the actuators ensures operation even in extreme environmental conditions.

An internal control panel allows the complete running of the system and supply clear indication of the vehicles level.

A remote control is supplied with the system which can be used outside the vehicle.

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Advantages of the Autolift system…

  • Ideal in extreme temperatures as no oil

  • Low maintenance as no oil

  • Almost unaffected by lateral pressure

  • Dust particles do not affect the system

  • No power loss if pressurised for a long time or if there is insufficient oil